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Class Call 1 – July 10, 2019 – Introduction & Preparing for Angelspeaking

Expect miracles to happen from this moment forward!

Angels work in miracles but your spiritual process starts with your God. You will hear the in-depth story about how Trudy & Barbara became seekers, authors and spiritual teachers and what happened to their lives once the Angels came to them! Many of you are being awakened today and your Angels are always available and with you!

Understand why you’re walking a parallel awakening experience!

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Class Call 1 - Introduction & Preparing for Angelspeaking

Class Call 2 – July 17, 2019 – Chapter 1 – Who Are Angels?
Open the door to understanding your Life Purpose!

Angels are God’s messengers and our teachers with a profound perspective of your life. There are legions and armies of Angels that are near us. We will discuss various ways they help us and which angel to call upon when you need support in a particular area of your life. Our deceased loved ones in spirit are also there to help give us their viewpoint from heaven. Angels give us more love than we could ever imagine and assist us with every aspect of our lives. Angels also help us carry out our Life Purpose!

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Class Call 3 – July 24, 2019 – Chapter 2 – The Four Fundamentals
Implement the Four Fundamentals into your daily life to perfect your formula for success and prosperity!

There is a fundamental formula for attracting the things you want and desire into your life. This simple formula is a means of approaching life each day in order to attract the right people, places or things to come to you. When your life is working well and the right things are coming to you, it is more than happiness. It is a state of success! We will discuss how, when & where to use this formula for living life. You will also learn how to trust your angels and draw them closer to you! This is the Formula for Happiness in life!

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Class Call 4 – DATE Change: TUESDAY July 30, 2019 – Chapter 3 – The Seven Steps to Talking with Your Angels
Break through the barriers of Angel communication to experience conversations with your angels!

In this class you will learn how to receive a message in writing from your Angels! It is so easy you will be amazed!! Your angels have already been speaking with you in your mind. Now is the time you will realize it’s not just your thoughts…it’s the ANGELS dictating their messages! The angels tell us that “Knowledge will come to you in many ways. Through study, dreams or experiences. “All will be there for you to write us when you manifest the desire!

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Class Call 4 - The Seven Steps to Talking with Your Angels

The 3rd Step Prayer

The 3rd Step Prayer

Dearest God:
I offer myself to thee,
to build with me and do with me as thou wilt.
Relieve me of the bondage of self
that I may better do thy will.
Take away my difficulties
that victory over them may bear witness
to those I would help.
Of thy power, thy love and thy way of life,
may I do thy will always.

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Class Call 5 – DATE Change: August 14, 2019 – Chapter 4 – Making it Work
Experience the joy filled benefits of Angelspeaking for the rest of your life!

Now that you have made this divine connection with your Angels using this easy process, we suggest you not complicate it! EVERYONE can learn to Angelspeake! This class will give you many clear and easy ways to connect with your spiritual team, what questions to ASK, Prayers to pray and how to form a partnership with your angels that will change your life, now and forever!

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Class Call 6 – DATE Change: August 21, 2019 – Chapter 5 – How You Receive Messages
Open your awareness to your Angelic Team to understand Divine guidance now and forever!

Your angels will work with you during this learning time, whether you are aware of them or not! During this class you will discover the three ways you receive angelic messages, how to curb your uncertainty as to who is speaking to you, your expectation level, and what is your attitude about writing Angels!

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Class Call 7 – NEW DATE Change: September 11, 2019 – Chapter 6 – How You know It’s an Angel Message
Confidently leave uncertainty behind as a thing of the past and solidify your Angelic connection!

We will discuss your questions about whether or not you’re getting a true message from your angels. Is it them or is it me?? Your will learn the difference between “Is it me” or is it your “Higher Self” speaking? How Angels combine words, what the angelic energy feels like, words Angels use, and what you will definitely learn in time from within.

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Class Call 7 - How You Know It's an Angel Message

Class Call 8 – NEW DATE Change: September 18, 2019 – Chapter 7 – People Questions & Angel Answers
Get Angelic answers to your questions!

This Q&A session will be a fun exchange between you and your Angels. As a Channel, I will give you answers to any question you may have, with the help of your angelic team as well. Often times the Angels will ask me to share my personal spiritual experiences or story as well as giving their input.

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