Spiritspeake reveals that once a soul has completed their time on earth and has returned to spirit, there is much love, wisdom and learning to share with those of us who are still here on earth.   Here are messages from numerous souls that want to share their greatest experiences, hoping to support those of us who are still on earth, to live our lives in the best possible way.  Enjoy their unique and loving words of wisdom!

Dear Ann Landers ~ Advice Columnist

Dear Ann Landers ~ Advice Columnist

We have had you on our minds for the past few weeks. What do you think of humanity now that you can see us and our struggles from there?

….And you certainly make it a struggle. If I had one last column to write and leave behind as my epitaph, here is what I would say: 

Be grateful!

Stop all the fighting and complaining.

Stop the me, me, me-ing and start asking where you can help.

Be generous with those who cannot help themselves. 

Pray for peace.

Pray for more peace.

And then pray for peace again.

Peace of mind and political peace all start from having a kind heart.

Practice being kind by loving yourself.

And above all, be grateful.  

Ann Landers

Barry White ~ Singer 

Barry White ~ Singer 

We loved your music and will miss you here on earth.

Dear Ladies,
Thank you…but I am very happy over here. I suffered from bad health the last few years and my poor body couldn’t take the rigors of earth life any more. You may know that I had a breathing problem called apnea, and it finally took the strength out of my body. At the end, I couldn’t even get around, so it was relief to come over here.

You know, I wasn’t really a musician. I was a rhythmist with a great, deep voice. I didn’t really sing — it was more like I chanted with a musical background. I know now that I had many lifetimes where my voice was my fortune. Usually by being a preacher or orator. In this last life, I taught men how to treat their women. Women like romance and my work was designed to show men that. A few other things got thrown in, but you will notice my work was more about a sensual relationship between a man and a woman. May it continue.

Bless you for picking me. We all have much to say over here.
Barry White

Captain Kangaroo ~ Children’s TV Character

Captain Kangaroo ~ Children’s TV Character

How is it over there? You will be missed on this side. 

If I had had any idea how wonderful a place this was, I don’t think I would have lived so long. That is a joke, because I had work to do there and the work I had to do I loved very much. Working with children is wonderful and could be called a “heaven on earth.” I am not as far from all of you as you might think. There is a need to help children from over here, too. It is hard to explain, but I am just a thought away and if I gave you pleasure while I was alive, just invite me to come to you in your thoughts, and you will feel my presence. Mr. Green Jeans, and all the group who entertained you for those many years are with me too, so we have some very good times.

I still love you.


The Captain

Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross – Author on Death & Dying

Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross – Author on Death & Dying

 What do you have to tell us now that you have made the trip that your life-work was about. Is dying like you thought it would be?

Dear Ones,

Absolutely not! It wasn’t even close. It was like I was writing about one grain of sand when I was trying to describe an ocean. There is so much more love and joy and peace and recognition than I could ever believe. When you pass over, after whatever claimed you, disease, accident, or decision (yes, some people just decide to die) you may or may not go through a tunnel and you may or may not see an angel. But what you will see is every soul who was dear to you in this life and others coming to great you. They come in hundreds of thousands and line up to help you over and to tell you how glad they are you are back. That is why people don’t return easily. If you knew what was waiting here, you would immediately realize that this is the greeting that every soul who matters to you will give you. You also know those on earth who remained: family, friends, etc. will also have this same greeting and that it really won’t be so long till they do.

The thing no one really stresses about this side is that there are no negatives. There are still lessons, and there is still work that you choose to do or to continue, but when every effort is surrounded in love, there are no obstacles. You and what you choose to do is the most important thing, and you work in the highest degree of truth. Love surrounds every action. Angels keep you and hold you and sing to you and if it sounds, by earth standards, a bit like Hollywood, it isn’t. Even Hollywood can’t create a place like this.

On earth, I was a bit serious and took myself a bit seriously. I reached a spiritual understanding and peacefulness at the end, but I am certainly glad to be here. I was done. I was ready. I did what I was born to do, and I will continue here by helping those who are afraid to die have an easier passing. What a Glory.

Perhaps I’ll write another book or two and channel them through you. Why not? Nothing is impossible, I now know.

All is beautiful,

Coretta Scott King ~  Widow of Dr. Martin Luther King – Peace Activist

Coretta Scott King ~  Widow of Dr. Martin Luther King – Peace Activist

You worked your whole life to forward what your husband, Dr. Martin Luther King, began. What do you have to tell us about that work and how you think it went. Was it successful?

I see from this side that generational changes will have to be made in order to have true equality. Time will help, but there will always be those who look for differences rather than similarities. And yet is that not the best part of the human race? That each person is different, therefore each has a special skill to contribute. There will always be differences in looks and that will be what many judge a person by, even though it is the least accurate account of a person. It is the soul that tells the real truth of a being.

Do you have any idea what a soul looks like from this point of view? Do you have any inkling what “energy” looks like when it is not encumbered with skin and hair and age and the look of its heritage? It looks like light! It has color and depth and energy and pulse. The colors swirl and intertwine in the most unimaginable ways. Take all the colors of the rainbow, seen and unseen, and brighten or dim the hues and tones, and add motion and you will have an inkling of an idea as to what a soul looks like. Amazingly, no two are alike. Every soul in heaven has its own signature appearance. That is what we see over here and how we recognize each other. On earth, we never understood because we could not imagine such a thing.

From here the trouble on earth seems petty and insignificant. There is no reason to argue or fight for everyone who dies will see when they get here the beauty of the souls that are here.– even their own. And by the look of their own soul, they will know their own unique truth and what they will need to work on when they return to earth. The equality and truth of here is so different from there. Each one of us has the chance to change our souls by the work we choose in our various lives.

I am so glad to be here. My fight to live was rather silly now that I am here. It would have been more sensible to rest, visit with friends, write down my memories and go peacefully. There is no need to make passing over difficult.

You will all see soon enough what it is like here. But in the meantime, live with purpose and meaning. It is God’s way that we learn our lessons through struggle.
Blessings to all of you,

Coretta Scott King

Elizabeth Taylor – Movie Star

Elizabeth Taylor – Movie Star

Hello Dears:

Oh, my, what a lifetime this last one was! I still am amazed at how many men/husbands I seemed to have around me during my life on earth. The truth is that my number 1 lesson on earth was to learn to love. With all those marriages and men, you would think I had learned that many times over. And, wow, what a lot of them there were to love!

One of my shortcomings was I never fully realized my amazing gifts that God had given me. I was a beautiful woman, with a strong business sense and yet I always felt that I needed someone else to stand beside me and love me if I was ever going to be a “somebody”. So I always felt I needed a loving and adoring husband to take care of me, make me happy, buy me diamonds, take me places and load me up with more, more and more “stuff”. 

The truth is, all I needed to do was turn that spot light on me and see how truly amazing I was during my life. I had a good heart, I helped others, I did my job well in the movies, and I raised amazing children. I campaigned for AIDS research and showed the world that there was no reason to fear a person with this disease. 

Some of the things I said and did took some guts but I’m so happy I said them now. My famous phrase “I will never…ever…..EVER……GET MARRIED AGAIN!”. A lot of people thought I said that because I was disgusted with men. The real reason I said it was, I finally discovered that I don’t need anyone in my life to feel better about myself or who I am! This learning self-love for me was a great opening and awareness. Even though the last few year of my life were physically challenging, I found great happiness and contentment in being with just me. 

My message to each of you is…don’t spend an entire lifetime trying to decipher what your real learning is all about. Be more open, honest and conscious of what is happening within you and around you. Don’t spend so much time wondering how you can get whatever you would like from others. More importantly, figure out how you can get what you want for yourself, by yourself. You’ll be amazed at how truly capable you honestly are.

Love to all of you,

Elizabeth Taylor

p.s. One of the best parts of finally going home, is seeing Michael Jackson again! He looks a lot better than I do! And, of course, he sends his love to each of you as well.

Elvis Presley ~ Songwriter & Musican

Elvis Presley ~ Songwriter & Musican

Dear Ones, It is kind of you to praise my music. I thank you. Sometimes the lives we pick are full of both good and bad examples. I loved writing my music and sharing it with others. The gospel music was my favorite because it put me close to God. The drugs took me away from Him, and even though it seems like my ending was sad and unnecessary, it was exactly the way it was supposed to be. Many souls were touched when I died, and many of those who would have gone on to unhappy endings like I did, were changed in their ways so they could become better people. 

Everything on earth that happens and everyone who touches another in some way is significant to the world. If I had a song to sing to you right now, it would carry the message that You are Good and that GOD LOVES YOU. The more you have to offer the world the more challenges you will face. Gifts don’t come with a price, but they do come with an expectation that they will be used wisely. 

I send blessings to you all for this New Year. Use 2004 wisely for it, too, is a gift. 


Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

I recently went to see the movie, Passion of the Christ. I have watched some of the TV commentaries but fail to feel that most are truly connecting with the messages that are present in the film. Are we not getting it? Am I not getting it? We will go to the movies to cry over the crucifying of Christ, the anguish of Mary. But we remain numb to what goes on in our daily lives. Mothers watch their children die, from disease, accidents or even on death row are we crying for them? I have been told of at least six children who are on the path of self-mutilation, children trying to feel, to have an outlet for the feelings that they are not validated in having. They are bright children, with seemingly “normal” families. This movie, its reactions and commentaries leave me pondering how dysfunctional are we that our discussions revolve around how brutal it was, was it true to the bible. How about how we felt! How about sharing our feelings! How dysfunctional have we truly chosen to be? How within the disjunction there is function.

The comment above is just the tip of what this stirred for me, I was grateful for the opportunity to experience what it allowed me to tap into. Thanks for taking the time to read this and to be who you choose to be in the world.  Thank you, Joan

Dear Ones, 

Be aware that those of good intention are unintentionally creating havoc and discord. I am not to be worshiped. I was a rabbi, a teacher, one of understanding and as such have been deified. My words have been spread throughout the world under the concept of righteousness. My life on earth was only to tell about God and how His work was important, not mine. God is unseen. I was seen. Thus the focus was shifted as it was with Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tse, Confucius, etc.

Your work will be part of this work. Your duty, if you will, is to be aware of the fear this movie will raise in many. Even with good intentions, the writers, producers, actors, and moviegoers, there will again be much misunderstanding.

Remember this, too, children. It was prophesied there would be a second coming. Did you think it was going to be some apparition of me that would appear in glory at some specified time and place? That would not have proven a thing. That type of appearance would only have been a distraction or a political/religious controversy. Every soul on earth is accustomed to movies and how Hollywood has the ability to reach millions within weeks in many, many languages. This is the media of the modern prophet. I will return in many ways. Be aware of your work, the work of others, the Christ, and the Anti-Christ. A shift is going to happen. You are part of it.

(We asked: Jesus, is this movie a good thing or a bad thing?)

It is only part of the all. It is important you understand, that is all. There are no good guys or bad guys, only people who are trying very hard to spread the word of the gospel. That others will not accept or will misinterpret the message is part of the polarity. You, your family, and students cannot stick your heads in the sand and hope it will go away. It is all part of the energy of forward movement that is happening at this time. You will see as you go along.

I am with you,

Dear Jesus,

There are many famous people working hard to draw attention to Africa and other countries who have many people starving or dying of disease. What do you think of these efforts?

Whenever there is a focus on where people need help, it is good. That these are people who are not politicians gives a new focus on problems which are centuries old. It does not matter how the attention is drawn to their plight, but only that it be drawn to the areas of greatest need.

Africa is an example of hopelessness. Yet is also an example of hope. When Oprah gave the tiaras and the balls to the girls and boys, she showered love, yes, but she showed mostly that the hearts of the children need healing as much as their bodies. The Live Eight concerts given by famous people, have taken the focus all over the world that people need help. Africa is a good place to start because the need is so great.

When I walked the earth there were lepers laying in the streets begging for food. This is still happening in your time. There were people being bought and sold in those days, and that is still true today. There were children being murdered in ancient time because they were not perfect. This still happens. What horrors you see today, existed then.

So what is the message for now? That there will always be suffering and there will always be need. Depending on what you chose in your lifetimes, you will be the one who needs or the one who brings hope. Therefore, when you aid those in need, you are really helping yourself. Such is the wheel of life.

John Lennon ~ Beatles Band, Songwriter & Singer

John Lennon ~ Beatles Band, Songwriter & Singer

REMINDER to Our Angelspeakers ~
As you know, there are three groups that we communicate with when we write our ”angels.” They are our angels, our spirit guides, and our deceased loved ones. There is a way to ASK to speak to someone personally.
You would write:

Why did you die so young? What was the purpose?

Anytime a famous person dies in any way, let alone in a very public and horrendous murder, there is a galvanization of attention to the work that soul did. Even though our youth was thought to be misspent in some circumstances, we did much to bring eastern thought and western religion together. Our travels around the world sent a message to the youth of the time to look outward for answers to the questions of your inward seeking. Those youths are now your leaders and tolerance for all is the theme of those great leaders. It isn’t yet perfect, but it certainly is better than it was in 1980 when I died. Our messages were in the lyrics of our songs encouraging you to “let it be” and to “make it better.” These truths still stand.

John Lennon 1940-1980

George Harrison – The Beatles Band, Songwriter &  Singer 

George Harrison – The Beatles Band, Songwriter &  Singer 

I loved the John Lennon quote on the November 2nd Angelspeake newsletter. Can he send a message from the other side? I think many of us would enjoy hearing what he has found since his murder in 1980. Have you been able to contact him before? So many of us ‘baby-boomers’ grew up with The Beatles and feel their influence. John & George were so different, but it would be wonderful to hear from either of them! Thx! Sally

We have talked to John several times, so we thought we would invite George for his words. George?

Hello, Ladies. It is not often I am asked for anything from this side. I was a man of peace on that side, and I seem to be carrying that trait with me into this side. Even though I was not the songwriter John and Paul were, I was a great appreciator of many different types of music beyond what the Beatles did. The music we played in our youth was nothing compared to what I enjoyed as I became older. Both here and there, I have learned about the healing qualities of music. How the very tones, harmonies, and notes themselves can transform illness into health. How harmony can transform divergence into accord. How the actual structure of a human can change and heal and bring serenity and pleasure (rather than rage and pain) on the vibration of music. Music is the vehicle of miracles. The blind can see through the power of music.

You have probably heard from others how wonderful the music it is over here, but I want to teach you how to hear it. Sit still in a quiet place, and go into your heart much like you do when you hear the angels. Then ask them to bring you the sounds of the melodies you need to hear. If you allow them to come to you, you will hear songs like you never knew in any life. This is how the great composers found their symphonies and their passion to write. Once you have accessed the dimension of music, you will never settle for less again. It is too big to ignore.

Listen for the music in your heart. It speaks to you alone in your own way. It is especially selected for your soul.