Yes, I am here, too. What a send off I got, but not nearly as wonderful as what greeted me on this side. Who would have thought that I would wake up one morning and then die that day? I sure didn’t, even though I didn’t feel very well for the last day, I still didn’t think that I was going to die!

Honey, I am okay. Kids… don’t forget me. And what ever you do, remember me as I really was, not what the mags said. Dad was a whole different man than the portrayal of me that the press loved to talk about.

For the rest of you, thanks for the long run. As Johnny said before me, I was a lucky man because I got to do what I loved every day of my life. If I had only one thing to say that I was most glad about is that I felt blessed that I could get up in the morning and know that today was going to be fun and I was going to be happy in it. WOW! Even the last day wasn’t so bad.

For good or bad, I made my own decisions. Sometimes others didn’t like what I decided, but as I look back, if I erred one way or another it was that I didn’t make enough decisions that were for my own good, rather than someone else’s. That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have been a nice guy, it just means that I should have been a nice guy to myself and my family more often than I was to strangers. I see now from this side, that God takes care of us better than I thought He did. I could have left more up to Him and what he was intuiting to me.

This is neat, being able to give a message to all of you through Barbara and Trudy. Who knows what wonderful things will happen when we get used to calling each other up.

Thanks for the chat.
John R.



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