This is the time of year when nearly everyone is trying to make ends meet. We thought it might be interesting to talk to someone on the other side who knows what it is like to really be poor.

Mother Teresa Speaks.

It is interesting that you call on me to teach you. Although I worked with the poorest souls on earth, I knew a great deal about money and how people think who have it. People who have money are nearly always very generous. They are also smart about how they spend. When I would go on my fund raising trips, I usually had no trouble at all at getting millions of dollars to use in my hospitals and orphanages. The richer the country, the more I received. Americans are always very generous, but so were Australians, Poles, the British, French and all of the Scandinavian countries. You never heard about my trips to these countries, because they were not publicized in your areas, but everyone gave to me. Everyone! Why? Because I ASKED!

When you teach people to Ask, Believe, Let it Happen, and Say Thank You when they ask God or His angels for help, you have uncovered the truth of receiving anything, whether you ask God, or Man, you will receive. Perhaps not the way you expect, but surely you will receive. I would tell my story, ask for what I needed, and let the giver understand that I would not waste, and that I deeply appreciated each dollar, kroner, pound, or pence they could give me. I was not greedy in what I asked for. I just asked for what their heart told them to give, and my orphanages and hospitals never ran out of money, even though it was always interesting to see from where the next money would come from. God works in amusing as well as amazing ways.

I always knew that God would support me and the work we did. I always knew. And as I prayed each day, I would always pray my thanks for those who gave and bless them and their own abundance. I asked for what they had given to me to be returned to them ten-fold and I am still praying those prayers for each soul who helped my mission. It is the meaning of “on earth as it is in heaven.” For as you do on earth, is also your reward. Anything given away is always blessed by God. You cannot out give God.

Thank you dear child. Your work is good.

Dear Mother Teresa,

We have the feeling you have a message for us.

I certainly do, Children. I need to admonish all the parents on earth who do not take care of their children. Not only those who were born to them but all the children of the world. When you look on television at the suffering children in undeveloped countries, does your heart not bleed? When you sit down at your abundant table, do you even pray for starving children in the world? When you look in your closets and see the clothing you no longer wear, does it cross your mind that there are naked bodies in other places which long to be covered.

It is not that you are rich that is the problem. It is that there are so many poor who can be helped with what you throw away. Next time you are asked to give to a charity or to a group who helps others, please give even the smallest donation. If every one in your country gave but a dollar a month to help others, poverty and starvation would be a thing of history. And the love you would gain from your actions would change your life and your planet.

My messages will always be the same. Love those with little. Share your excess. Create peace in the world with your abundance. Believe your gifts are important.