Dear Ones, It is kind of you to praise my music. I thank you. Sometimes the lives we pick are full of both good and bad examples. I loved writing my music and sharing it with others. The gospel music was my favorite because it put me close to God. The drugs took me away from Him, and even though it seems like my ending was sad and unnecessary, it was exactly the way it was supposed to be. Many souls were touched when I died, and many of those who would have gone on to unhappy endings like I did, were changed in their ways so they could become better people. 

Everything on earth that happens and everyone who touches another in some way is significant to the world. If I had a song to sing to you right now, it would carry the message that You are Good and that GOD LOVES YOU. The more you have to offer the world the more challenges you will face. Gifts don’t come with a price, but they do come with an expectation that they will be used wisely. 

I send blessings to you all for this New Year. Use 2004 wisely for it, too, is a gift. 




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