You worked your whole life to forward what your husband, Dr. Martin Luther King, began. What do you have to tell us about that work and how you think it went. Was it successful?

I see from this side that generational changes will have to be made in order to have true equality. Time will help, but there will always be those who look for differences rather than similarities. And yet is that not the best part of the human race? That each person is different, therefore each has a special skill to contribute. There will always be differences in looks and that will be what many judge a person by, even though it is the least accurate account of a person. It is the soul that tells the real truth of a being.

Do you have any idea what a soul looks like from this point of view? Do you have any inkling what “energy” looks like when it is not encumbered with skin and hair and age and the look of its heritage? It looks like light! It has color and depth and energy and pulse. The colors swirl and intertwine in the most unimaginable ways. Take all the colors of the rainbow, seen and unseen, and brighten or dim the hues and tones, and add motion and you will have an inkling of an idea as to what a soul looks like. Amazingly, no two are alike. Every soul in heaven has its own signature appearance. That is what we see over here and how we recognize each other. On earth, we never understood because we could not imagine such a thing.

From here the trouble on earth seems petty and insignificant. There is no reason to argue or fight for everyone who dies will see when they get here the beauty of the souls that are here.– even their own. And by the look of their own soul, they will know their own unique truth and what they will need to work on when they return to earth. The equality and truth of here is so different from there. Each one of us has the chance to change our souls by the work we choose in our various lives.

I am so glad to be here. My fight to live was rather silly now that I am here. It would have been more sensible to rest, visit with friends, write down my memories and go peacefully. There is no need to make passing over difficult.

You will all see soon enough what it is like here. But in the meantime, live with purpose and meaning. It is God’s way that we learn our lessons through struggle.
Blessings to all of you,

Coretta Scott King



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