I started wondering if you could contact Prophet Mohammed. He was the person who started the Islamic faith. I was wondering if you could talk to him because there is a lot more to the religion then terrorists trying to hurt people. Could you please ask him what he thinks about these (terrorists) people who say that they are defending the faith and carrying out works of God? Also, would Prophet Mohammed come to anyone wishing to channel him and talk to them? Thank you very much. God bless ~ ZH

Mohammed, Do you have something to share with us?

Yes, but those who need to hear it most are not listening to me or reading this letter. My message is to love each other, treat those who cannot help themselves fairly and abundantly and to pray for the good of all. My words have no room for hate or war or discord. My life was spent seeking harmony and God’s will for me. My teachings reflected what I had learned. Know this, however. The good souls in the world perhaps cannot change evil’s mind, but prayer can nullify the power of evil. No matter what guise man uses to spread hate and fear, prayer will override its influence. All religions have evildoers. But every religion has the power of prayer at its hand. Use it.

Yes, I am like any other spiritual being. I will come when asked. Always.

The Prophet Mohammad ~

Dear Ones,
Do not doubt your own faith because others have corrupted theirs. The word of God is still the word of God no matter how it has been dishonored. Your prayers are more important now than ever. As you are called to prayer each day, pray for those who also pray and believe, pray for those who do not and pray for those who think they are of the faith and yet act otherwise. It is said to pray for the will of God to become truth for all men. Every religion believes in the rightness of this prayer. It is the prayer that will eventually bind all of you in peace. God’s will be done… say it often. 




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