I loved the John Lennon quote on the November 2nd Angelspeake newsletter. Can he send a message from the other side? I think many of us would enjoy hearing what he has found since his murder in 1980. Have you been able to contact him before? So many of us ‘baby-boomers’ grew up with The Beatles and feel their influence. John & George were so different, but it would be wonderful to hear from either of them! Thx! Sally

We have talked to John several times, so we thought we would invite George for his words. George?

Hello, Ladies. It is not often I am asked for anything from this side. I was a man of peace on that side, and I seem to be carrying that trait with me into this side. Even though I was not the songwriter John and Paul were, I was a great appreciator of many different types of music beyond what the Beatles did. The music we played in our youth was nothing compared to what I enjoyed as I became older. Both here and there, I have learned about the healing qualities of music. How the very tones, harmonies, and notes themselves can transform illness into health. How harmony can transform divergence into accord. How the actual structure of a human can change and heal and bring serenity and pleasure (rather than rage and pain) on the vibration of music. Music is the vehicle of miracles. The blind can see through the power of music.

You have probably heard from others how wonderful the music it is over here, but I want to teach you how to hear it. Sit still in a quiet place, and go into your heart much like you do when you hear the angels. Then ask them to bring you the sounds of the melodies you need to hear. If you allow them to come to you, you will hear songs like you never knew in any life. This is how the great composers found their symphonies and their passion to write. Once you have accessed the dimension of music, you will never settle for less again. It is too big to ignore.

Listen for the music in your heart. It speaks to you alone in your own way. It is especially selected for your soul.




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