REMINDER to Our Angelspeakers ~
As you know, there are three groups that we communicate with when we write our ”angels.” They are our angels, our spirit guides, and our deceased loved ones. There is a way to ASK to speak to someone personally.
You would write:

Why did you die so young? What was the purpose?

Anytime a famous person dies in any way, let alone in a very public and horrendous murder, there is a galvanization of attention to the work that soul did. Even though our youth was thought to be misspent in some circumstances, we did much to bring eastern thought and western religion together. Our travels around the world sent a message to the youth of the time to look outward for answers to the questions of your inward seeking. Those youths are now your leaders and tolerance for all is the theme of those great leaders. It isn’t yet perfect, but it certainly is better than it was in 1980 when I died. Our messages were in the lyrics of our songs encouraging you to “let it be” and to “make it better.” These truths still stand.

John Lennon 1940-1980



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