FAQ –  People Questions and Angel Answers

Can everybody write to their angels?
Yes!  But it is not a matter of can you, but will you?  The energy that surrounds the earth is opening to divine presence and we angels are doing our best to communicate with you, teach you, and help you through this time of spiritual searching.  Many are being awakened as Barbara and Trudy were and as you are. We want to form a spiritual partnership with you during this important time of spiritual growth on earth ”

Why should we write to the angels?
“We always infuse you with love and this will concentrate our power.  When you write with us, we all focus.  Think of you writing with us as the facets of you, plus us.  It is like the difference between air and wind.  The power is added and you are the beneficiary.  All is there for a greater good plus power.  Know and believe this, for it is important.  This is so important that we always come to you when you ask us to.

The act of writing to your angels means you do not have to wait passively for guidance.  You can take the initiative and actively ask for help, for understanding, and for love.  The answer you receive, when written, then becomes a permanent record that you can read and reread.”

What is the difference between my higher self and my angels?
“Your higher self is a composite of all that you are, have ever been, and ever will be.  Your higher self is within you.  Angels are without.  They are helpers.  You higher self is you.  Your higher self is found in meditation more than in writing.  Both are wisdom.”

How will I know if the message is coming from my angels or from me?
“Your own mind chatter is not as focused as our messages.  Mostly know that our messages have questions behind them.  And they are your questions.  When it is us, you aren’t sure you wrote what you received.  When It is mind chatter, there is never a question as to who thinks these words.   If you doubt, then it is probably us.”

Do I always have to talk with the angels? Why can’t I talk directly with God?
You can always talk directly with God!  Your God is your supreme being.  You do not ever want to idolize the angels for we are only God’s messengers.  We are as close to you as flesh is to your skin and have been since before you were born.  We are like an umbilical cord connecting the messages from the Father to you.  These messages are not of our own!  These messages come directly from the Father.  All the love, nourishment and guidance is sent through us to you because you are not able to understand or comprehend on the Father’s frequency yet.”  

Sometimes my angels write to me in poetry. Can this be true or am I making this up?
Yes, we sometimes write in song lyrics too.  We enjoy the different forms of expression that we can show.  We give you what you need, and if you enjoy rhymes, it is likely we will come through in this manner.  Also, some people don’t believe it is a true angel message unless it comes to them in a unique manner, such as in poetry, accents or a brogue.  Expect anything from us.  The main thing is to listen to your heart when you receive an angel message.  If it feels loving and the truth is being spoken, you then know it is us.”

Why does it seem that everyone else’s answers seem better than mine?
They aren’t better than yours.  It is just part of your need to receive affirmation that your messages are real that creates this question in you.  Other angel writers probably think your angel writings are better than theirs.  If you still think so, ask for a teaching angel to come through to you.  They are the talkers!”

What if I begin to write to my angel and no one is there?
“We are always there, waiting to speak with you and you are never alone.  Trudy and Barbara used to worry about this at the beginning, but it has never happened!  If you feel they are not there once you have said your prayer and asked them to come to you, then take a very deep breath.  The angels tell us they come to us on our breath so be sure to breathe deeply!” 

Do animals have angels, too?
“All of God’s creations have angels.  Sometimes angels attach to pets specifically to work their love for you through their dog, cat, bird, horse, fish, etc.  Love comes in every way imaginable.  All of Gods creations have angels to watch over them.  Even each blade of grass has it’s angel that bends over it and whispers “Grow, grow”.

What if my angel tells me something bad?
“We are your angels and we are with you to love and teach you.  What could we say to you that would be bad?  What you have judged yourself harshly?  That you do not loved yourself enough?  We cannot even scold you child.  All we can do is help you find your truth and your way along your path.  Decide to be loved by us, and you will not even be able to think we could tell you something bad.  If you do get less than a loving message, it is not coming from your angelic team.”

What if I get a negative or less than loving energy? What if I get a negative or less than loving energy?
“You are in charge of your angel writings and it is extremely unlikely you would get a negative energy.  If you expect goodness to come to you, then goodness will be there. Remember, before you begin writing with your angels, say a prayer to God and ask that your angels keep you safe and that loving energy surround you.  Also, ask for Archangel Michael to stand beside you and fill you with love, light and protection”. 



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