What do you have to tell us now that you have made the trip that your life-work was about. Is dying like you thought it would be?

Dear Ones,

Absolutely not! It wasn’t even close. It was like I was writing about one grain of sand when I was trying to describe an ocean. There is so much more love and joy and peace and recognition than I could ever believe. When you pass over, after whatever claimed you, disease, accident, or decision (yes, some people just decide to die) you may or may not go through a tunnel and you may or may not see an angel. But what you will see is every soul who was dear to you in this life and others coming to great you. They come in hundreds of thousands and line up to help you over and to tell you how glad they are you are back. That is why people don’t return easily. If you knew what was waiting here, you would immediately realize that this is the greeting that every soul who matters to you will give you. You also know those on earth who remained: family, friends, etc. will also have this same greeting and that it really won’t be so long till they do.

The thing no one really stresses about this side is that there are no negatives. There are still lessons, and there is still work that you choose to do or to continue, but when every effort is surrounded in love, there are no obstacles. You and what you choose to do is the most important thing, and you work in the highest degree of truth. Love surrounds every action. Angels keep you and hold you and sing to you and if it sounds, by earth standards, a bit like Hollywood, it isn’t. Even Hollywood can’t create a place like this.

On earth, I was a bit serious and took myself a bit seriously. I reached a spiritual understanding and peacefulness at the end, but I am certainly glad to be here. I was done. I was ready. I did what I was born to do, and I will continue here by helping those who are afraid to die have an easier passing. What a Glory.

Perhaps I’ll write another book or two and channel them through you. Why not? Nothing is impossible, I now know.

All is beautiful,



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