What does Princess Diana think of all the new revelations regarding her death (possible murder) and other details of her private life while she was in human form?   Thank you, Joellen

Dearest Angels, could you please bring Princess Diana to us?

Hello, Ladies, I am here and I want to thank you for the work you are doing. It elevates the work we did while we were on earth and many times helps clear up puzzles and unfinished business. To clear the air, so to speak.

About my death/murder: It amuses me to even think of such a thing. There is a drama in everyone’s life–a story which unfolds–but not nearly as dramatic a story as the press would like it to be. If there is a story of any kind here, it is that the “energy” which surrounds a person, negative or positive, will help that person or hurt him or her. You saw it with me. I was a confused girl and as I read the papers and looked at what was written about me, I began to dramatize it and make it bigger until the stories became my reality. My path of life was changed and what was the true me became clouded by tall tales and lies. The scamper by the press to find new stories eventually created the “truth” that occurred. People forget that energy precedes the event, and in looking for something to report, eventually the reality was created. You will understand all of this when you come to this side and see the path of your life and what really happened in all aspects.

And so it continues unto this day. There were some odd occurrences it is true, but I was not destined for a long life. Those of us who die young, and the attention we get from doing so, have a message quite different than those who die old. The difference? What could have been as opposed to what was. My life was a statement, but not of intrigue and murder. Hopefully the good I did will live after me. If I had to hope for what does live after, it would be my work with the children. I did much there and it is hardly mentioned, but the energy I initiated in that area continues.

Thank you, Joellen. May your life be peaceful and meaningful.




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