We loved your music and will miss you here on earth.

Dear Ladies,
Thank you…but I am very happy over here. I suffered from bad health the last few years and my poor body couldn’t take the rigors of earth life any more. You may know that I had a breathing problem called apnea, and it finally took the strength out of my body. At the end, I couldn’t even get around, so it was relief to come over here.

You know, I wasn’t really a musician. I was a rhythmist with a great, deep voice. I didn’t really sing — it was more like I chanted with a musical background. I know now that I had many lifetimes where my voice was my fortune. Usually by being a preacher or orator. In this last life, I taught men how to treat their women. Women like romance and my work was designed to show men that. A few other things got thrown in, but you will notice my work was more about a sensual relationship between a man and a woman. May it continue.

Bless you for picking me. We all have much to say over here.
Barry White