Dear Angelspeakers:

We all have opinions about celebrities and unfortunately most of the time our opinions are shaped by the media. It’s hard to know the true soul of any person with whom we are not personally connected. No matter what your opinion was of him, Michael gave me the following unedited message to share with you.

Several days after Michael Jackson’s death, I was lying in bed about to doze off. Ever so softly I felt an energy walk up to me and I knew immediately it was Michael. I wasn’t afraid or startled; I just felt a presence of loving goodness. I asked Michael what he wanted to share with me. He said he had a message to share will all spiritual souls that I touch. His message follows:

Hello to All of You Who Care for the Well-being of All:

My journey home has begun and I am so happy to speak with you in this manner. Trudy’s soul agreed to this means of communication with souls many lifetimes ago and I am very excited to have this opportunity to share with you about my recent life on earth.

My very public work was always focused on love and respect for one another. Black or White, Thriller, Bad, etc., all these songs were to help millions of souls learn to drop their judgments and belief about another human soul and learn to live and respect one another, no matter how we look, sound or behave. Unconditional love is the key to living life in the way we are meant to live while we are here on earth. Yes, I devoted my life to helping people learn about unconditional love and understand that no matter how I looked, sounded or acted over the years, I was still Michael Jackson, a soul who always wanted to give love and support to all through the universal healing energy of music, tones and sound.

So I leave each of you with this message of hope. Go forward now and find your way to give love, goodness and hope to all that you meet or know. Please don’t judge any soul but freely give them love. Open your heart and soul to all and learn to go with the flow. The love you give individually will unite and elevate the vibration on earth for all to survive. I know you can do this and I will always be available to share my help. I will always love each of you and I thank you for your kindness to me over the years.

Remember, love never dies for our souls will live on forever. And, carry in your heart the most important song or message I shared with you while I was living on earth: “We Are the World”. God bless each of you.

I love you,

M. Jackson