Hello Dears:

Oh, my, what a lifetime this last one was! I still am amazed at how many men/husbands I seemed to have around me during my life on earth. The truth is that my number 1 lesson on earth was to learn to love. With all those marriages and men, you would think I had learned that many times over. And, wow, what a lot of them there were to love!

One of my shortcomings was I never fully realized my amazing gifts that God had given me. I was a beautiful woman, with a strong business sense and yet I always felt that I needed someone else to stand beside me and love me if I was ever going to be a “somebody”. So I always felt I needed a loving and adoring husband to take care of me, make me happy, buy me diamonds, take me places and load me up with more, more and more “stuff”. 

The truth is, all I needed to do was turn that spot light on me and see how truly amazing I was during my life. I had a good heart, I helped others, I did my job well in the movies, and I raised amazing children. I campaigned for AIDS research and showed the world that there was no reason to fear a person with this disease. 

Some of the things I said and did took some guts but I’m so happy I said them now. My famous phrase “I will never…ever…..EVER……GET MARRIED AGAIN!”. A lot of people thought I said that because I was disgusted with men. The real reason I said it was, I finally discovered that I don’t need anyone in my life to feel better about myself or who I am! This learning self-love for me was a great opening and awareness. Even though the last few year of my life were physically challenging, I found great happiness and contentment in being with just me. 

My message to each of you is…don’t spend an entire lifetime trying to decipher what your real learning is all about. Be more open, honest and conscious of what is happening within you and around you. Don’t spend so much time wondering how you can get whatever you would like from others. More importantly, figure out how you can get what you want for yourself, by yourself. You’ll be amazed at how truly capable you honestly are.

Love to all of you,

Elizabeth Taylor

p.s. One of the best parts of finally going home, is seeing Michael Jackson again! He looks a lot better than I do! And, of course, he sends his love to each of you as well.