I recently went to see the movie, Passion of the Christ. I have watched some of the TV commentaries but fail to feel that most are truly connecting with the messages that are present in the film. Are we not getting it? Am I not getting it? We will go to the movies to cry over the crucifying of Christ, the anguish of Mary. But we remain numb to what goes on in our daily lives. Mothers watch their children die, from disease, accidents or even on death row are we crying for them? I have been told of at least six children who are on the path of self-mutilation, children trying to feel, to have an outlet for the feelings that they are not validated in having. They are bright children, with seemingly “normal” families. This movie, its reactions and commentaries leave me pondering how dysfunctional are we that our discussions revolve around how brutal it was, was it true to the bible. How about how we felt! How about sharing our feelings! How dysfunctional have we truly chosen to be? How within the disjunction there is function.

The comment above is just the tip of what this stirred for me, I was grateful for the opportunity to experience what it allowed me to tap into. Thanks for taking the time to read this and to be who you choose to be in the world.  Thank you, Joan

Dear Ones, 

Be aware that those of good intention are unintentionally creating havoc and discord. I am not to be worshiped. I was a rabbi, a teacher, one of understanding and as such have been deified. My words have been spread throughout the world under the concept of righteousness. My life on earth was only to tell about God and how His work was important, not mine. God is unseen. I was seen. Thus the focus was shifted as it was with Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tse, Confucius, etc.

Your work will be part of this work. Your duty, if you will, is to be aware of the fear this movie will raise in many. Even with good intentions, the writers, producers, actors, and moviegoers, there will again be much misunderstanding.

Remember this, too, children. It was prophesied there would be a second coming. Did you think it was going to be some apparition of me that would appear in glory at some specified time and place? That would not have proven a thing. That type of appearance would only have been a distraction or a political/religious controversy. Every soul on earth is accustomed to movies and how Hollywood has the ability to reach millions within weeks in many, many languages. This is the media of the modern prophet. I will return in many ways. Be aware of your work, the work of others, the Christ, and the Anti-Christ. A shift is going to happen. You are part of it.

(We asked: Jesus, is this movie a good thing or a bad thing?)

It is only part of the all. It is important you understand, that is all. There are no good guys or bad guys, only people who are trying very hard to spread the word of the gospel. That others will not accept or will misinterpret the message is part of the polarity. You, your family, and students cannot stick your heads in the sand and hope it will go away. It is all part of the energy of forward movement that is happening at this time. You will see as you go along.

I am with you,

Dear Jesus,

There are many famous people working hard to draw attention to Africa and other countries who have many people starving or dying of disease. What do you think of these efforts?

Whenever there is a focus on where people need help, it is good. That these are people who are not politicians gives a new focus on problems which are centuries old. It does not matter how the attention is drawn to their plight, but only that it be drawn to the areas of greatest need.

Africa is an example of hopelessness. Yet is also an example of hope. When Oprah gave the tiaras and the balls to the girls and boys, she showered love, yes, but she showed mostly that the hearts of the children need healing as much as their bodies. The Live Eight concerts given by famous people, have taken the focus all over the world that people need help. Africa is a good place to start because the need is so great.

When I walked the earth there were lepers laying in the streets begging for food. This is still happening in your time. There were people being bought and sold in those days, and that is still true today. There were children being murdered in ancient time because they were not perfect. This still happens. What horrors you see today, existed then.

So what is the message for now? That there will always be suffering and there will always be need. Depending on what you chose in your lifetimes, you will be the one who needs or the one who brings hope. Therefore, when you aid those in need, you are really helping yourself. Such is the wheel of life.