Spiritspeake reveals that once a soul has completed their time on earth and has returned to spirit, there is much love, wisdom and learning to share with those of us who are still here on earth.   Here are messages from numerous souls that want to share their greatest experiences, hoping to support those of us who are still on earth, to live our lives in the best possible way.  Enjoy their unique and loving words of wisdom!

Michael Jackson – Songwriter, Singer

Michael Jackson – Songwriter, Singer

Dear Angelspeakers:

We all have opinions about celebrities and unfortunately most of the time our opinions are shaped by the media. It’s hard to know the true soul of any person with whom we are not personally connected. No matter what your opinion was of him, Michael gave me the following unedited message to share with you.

Several days after Michael Jackson’s death, I was lying in bed about to doze off. Ever so softly I felt an energy walk up to me and I knew immediately it was Michael. I wasn’t afraid or startled; I just felt a presence of loving goodness. I asked Michael what he wanted to share with me. He said he had a message to share will all spiritual souls that I touch. His message follows:

Hello to All of You Who Care for the Well-being of All:

My journey home has begun and I am so happy to speak with you in this manner. Trudy’s soul agreed to this means of communication with souls many lifetimes ago and I am very excited to have this opportunity to share with you about my recent life on earth.

My very public work was always focused on love and respect for one another. Black or White, Thriller, Bad, etc., all these songs were to help millions of souls learn to drop their judgments and belief about another human soul and learn to live and respect one another, no matter how we look, sound or behave. Unconditional love is the key to living life in the way we are meant to live while we are here on earth. Yes, I devoted my life to helping people learn about unconditional love and understand that no matter how I looked, sounded or acted over the years, I was still Michael Jackson, a soul who always wanted to give love and support to all through the universal healing energy of music, tones and sound.

So I leave each of you with this message of hope. Go forward now and find your way to give love, goodness and hope to all that you meet or know. Please don’t judge any soul but freely give them love. Open your heart and soul to all and learn to go with the flow. The love you give individually will unite and elevate the vibration on earth for all to survive. I know you can do this and I will always be available to share my help. I will always love each of you and I thank you for your kindness to me over the years.

Remember, love never dies for our souls will live on forever. And, carry in your heart the most important song or message I shared with you while I was living on earth: “We Are the World”. God bless each of you.

I love you,

M. Jackson

John Ritter – Movie Star & Comedian

John Ritter – Movie Star & Comedian

Yes, I am here, too. What a send off I got, but not nearly as wonderful as what greeted me on this side. Who would have thought that I would wake up one morning and then die that day? I sure didn’t, even though I didn’t feel very well for the last day, I still didn’t think that I was going to die!

Honey, I am okay. Kids… don’t forget me. And what ever you do, remember me as I really was, not what the mags said. Dad was a whole different man than the portrayal of me that the press loved to talk about.

For the rest of you, thanks for the long run. As Johnny said before me, I was a lucky man because I got to do what I loved every day of my life. If I had only one thing to say that I was most glad about is that I felt blessed that I could get up in the morning and know that today was going to be fun and I was going to be happy in it. WOW! Even the last day wasn’t so bad.

For good or bad, I made my own decisions. Sometimes others didn’t like what I decided, but as I look back, if I erred one way or another it was that I didn’t make enough decisions that were for my own good, rather than someone else’s. That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have been a nice guy, it just means that I should have been a nice guy to myself and my family more often than I was to strangers. I see now from this side, that God takes care of us better than I thought He did. I could have left more up to Him and what he was intuiting to me.

This is neat, being able to give a message to all of you through Barbara and Trudy. Who knows what wonderful things will happen when we get used to calling each other up.

Thanks for the chat.
John R.

Martin Luther King Jr. 

Martin Luther King Jr. 

Dear Dr. King, I have always admired you. What would you like to share with me?

How wonderful to hear from you my child and to have the opportunity to share my thoughts. Much has happened since I walked the earth plane. I have seen much happiness, I have seen sadness. But most of all I have seen “hope.” Hope arises eternally no matter what the situation. No matter how difficult times may seem, no matter how much turmoil seems to be ever present, the people who believe and have hope in mankind and mankind’s ability to heal through love will persevere.

Although I gaze down among you and I still see hatred and fear, what I see very strongly is indeed the power of love to heal. Yes, be concerned about the war; about our disconnection with other nations, but please do not be paralyzed by fear. Fear is the one thing that can stop you in your tracks, cause you to lose your focus, interfere with your positive thoughts. Love is and will always be the answer. Extend your hand to a stranger, acknowledge the homeless person for their spirit within is as vibrant and valid as your own, and always count your blessings. You are blessed to be on this earth doing God’s will and showing grace by way of example.

I look down among you and I shine a beacon of light and everlasting love. Let your light shine and peace and understanding will lead the way. Have faith; and believe with all your heart that love will lead the way. 

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mary Magdalene – Disciple of Christ

Mary Magdalene – Disciple of Christ

This is a controversial question that is being asked. Is that you in Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “The Last Supper?” And, were you Jesus wife?

It amazes me that Biblical Scholars find it so impossible that Jesus would be married. Jews have always put great importance on the family, and as a mature Jew in those days, he would be expected to have a wife. As a Rabbi, there would be no question that he would be married. It would have been extremely odd not to have been. Remember, in that part of the world at that time, many men had multiple wives, though it was not Jewish custom.

I am not going to say I was his wife for that would be an announcement that would need to be upheld, and it cannot be at this time. Eventually, found documents will show the legal aspects of our relationship, but I will say this for now. I was one of the more prominent people who followed Jesus, and supported his Mother and the other women in his entourage. Biblically, it seems that there were only a few women who walked with Jesus during his times of preaching. Several of us were “captains” of various groups who made sure that there was housing and food for the many who followed Jesus. In the Bible there is mention made of the miracle of the loaves and fishes. This story is not to tell about how the food was distributed, but more to talk of the multitudes in the ranks and how they supported each other. There were actually many women who took care of the logistics of travel for the men.  I will also say this. It would have been totally unacceptable for the male members of the group to have contact with the women. Women were kept separate from men even in the family. There had to be women to guide the women, and I was one of those.

It has also been said that I was a prostitute. What a foolish belief. And where is that written? If I had been a prostitute, I would have been sent away from such society as Jesus walked within. I would have been hidden away. I was a member of a fine society of merchants and traders and my family was remotely related to Jesus’ own. Later, in the development of the church, this story was written to keep the hierarchy more male dominated. That Mary, the Mother of Jesus, remained in such respect was simply because her miracle of Jesus’ birth could not be written out of scripture. Doing that would have negated Jesus’ own divinity.

There is much misunderstanding and controversy of how things happened, but the message of Jesus is still the same and will always be so. LOVE. Love yourself. Love each other. Believe that God loves you, and pass that love on to all who are in need of it.

Thank you for asking. Yes, it was me in the painting. I was there. Judas was not. The drama had already begun.


The Prophet Mohammed

The Prophet Mohammed

I started wondering if you could contact Prophet Mohammed. He was the person who started the Islamic faith. I was wondering if you could talk to him because there is a lot more to the religion then terrorists trying to hurt people. Could you please ask him what he thinks about these (terrorists) people who say that they are defending the faith and carrying out works of God? Also, would Prophet Mohammed come to anyone wishing to channel him and talk to them? Thank you very much. God bless ~ ZH

Mohammed, Do you have something to share with us?

Yes, but those who need to hear it most are not listening to me or reading this letter. My message is to love each other, treat those who cannot help themselves fairly and abundantly and to pray for the good of all. My words have no room for hate or war or discord. My life was spent seeking harmony and God’s will for me. My teachings reflected what I had learned. Know this, however. The good souls in the world perhaps cannot change evil’s mind, but prayer can nullify the power of evil. No matter what guise man uses to spread hate and fear, prayer will override its influence. All religions have evildoers. But every religion has the power of prayer at its hand. Use it.

Yes, I am like any other spiritual being. I will come when asked. Always.

The Prophet Mohammad ~

Dear Ones,
Do not doubt your own faith because others have corrupted theirs. The word of God is still the word of God no matter how it has been dishonored. Your prayers are more important now than ever. As you are called to prayer each day, pray for those who also pray and believe, pray for those who do not and pray for those who think they are of the faith and yet act otherwise. It is said to pray for the will of God to become truth for all men. Every religion believes in the rightness of this prayer. It is the prayer that will eventually bind all of you in peace. God’s will be done… say it often. 


Mother Teresa of Calcutta –Saint

Mother Teresa of Calcutta –Saint

This is the time of year when nearly everyone is trying to make ends meet. We thought it might be interesting to talk to someone on the other side who knows what it is like to really be poor.

Mother Teresa Speaks.

It is interesting that you call on me to teach you. Although I worked with the poorest souls on earth, I knew a great deal about money and how people think who have it. People who have money are nearly always very generous. They are also smart about how they spend. When I would go on my fund raising trips, I usually had no trouble at all at getting millions of dollars to use in my hospitals and orphanages. The richer the country, the more I received. Americans are always very generous, but so were Australians, Poles, the British, French and all of the Scandinavian countries. You never heard about my trips to these countries, because they were not publicized in your areas, but everyone gave to me. Everyone! Why? Because I ASKED!

When you teach people to Ask, Believe, Let it Happen, and Say Thank You when they ask God or His angels for help, you have uncovered the truth of receiving anything, whether you ask God, or Man, you will receive. Perhaps not the way you expect, but surely you will receive. I would tell my story, ask for what I needed, and let the giver understand that I would not waste, and that I deeply appreciated each dollar, kroner, pound, or pence they could give me. I was not greedy in what I asked for. I just asked for what their heart told them to give, and my orphanages and hospitals never ran out of money, even though it was always interesting to see from where the next money would come from. God works in amusing as well as amazing ways.

I always knew that God would support me and the work we did. I always knew. And as I prayed each day, I would always pray my thanks for those who gave and bless them and their own abundance. I asked for what they had given to me to be returned to them ten-fold and I am still praying those prayers for each soul who helped my mission. It is the meaning of “on earth as it is in heaven.” For as you do on earth, is also your reward. Anything given away is always blessed by God. You cannot out give God.

Thank you dear child. Your work is good.

Dear Mother Teresa,

We have the feeling you have a message for us.

I certainly do, Children. I need to admonish all the parents on earth who do not take care of their children. Not only those who were born to them but all the children of the world. When you look on television at the suffering children in undeveloped countries, does your heart not bleed? When you sit down at your abundant table, do you even pray for starving children in the world? When you look in your closets and see the clothing you no longer wear, does it cross your mind that there are naked bodies in other places which long to be covered.

It is not that you are rich that is the problem. It is that there are so many poor who can be helped with what you throw away. Next time you are asked to give to a charity or to a group who helps others, please give even the smallest donation. If every one in your country gave but a dollar a month to help others, poverty and starvation would be a thing of history. And the love you would gain from your actions would change your life and your planet.

My messages will always be the same. Love those with little. Share your excess. Create peace in the world with your abundance. Believe your gifts are important.


Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales

What does Princess Diana think of all the new revelations regarding her death (possible murder) and other details of her private life while she was in human form?   Thank you, Joellen

Dearest Angels, could you please bring Princess Diana to us?

Hello, Ladies, I am here and I want to thank you for the work you are doing. It elevates the work we did while we were on earth and many times helps clear up puzzles and unfinished business. To clear the air, so to speak.

About my death/murder: It amuses me to even think of such a thing. There is a drama in everyone’s life–a story which unfolds–but not nearly as dramatic a story as the press would like it to be. If there is a story of any kind here, it is that the “energy” which surrounds a person, negative or positive, will help that person or hurt him or her. You saw it with me. I was a confused girl and as I read the papers and looked at what was written about me, I began to dramatize it and make it bigger until the stories became my reality. My path of life was changed and what was the true me became clouded by tall tales and lies. The scamper by the press to find new stories eventually created the “truth” that occurred. People forget that energy precedes the event, and in looking for something to report, eventually the reality was created. You will understand all of this when you come to this side and see the path of your life and what really happened in all aspects.

And so it continues unto this day. There were some odd occurrences it is true, but I was not destined for a long life. Those of us who die young, and the attention we get from doing so, have a message quite different than those who die old. The difference? What could have been as opposed to what was. My life was a statement, but not of intrigue and murder. Hopefully the good I did will live after me. If I had to hope for what does live after, it would be my work with the children. I did much there and it is hardly mentioned, but the energy I initiated in that area continues.

Thank you, Joellen. May your life be peaceful and meaningful.